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Spray-In Bedliners

bullet liner

Spray-in bedliners are a popular and effective solution for protecting truck beds from wear and tear. Composed of a durable polyurethane or polyurea material, they are applied directly to the truck bed's surface, forming a seamless and resilient barrier against scratches, dents, and corrosion. Unlike drop-in bedliners, which can shift and trap moisture, spray-in bedliners adhere firmly to the contours of the truck bed, providing a custom fit that withstands heavy use and extreme weather conditions. Their textured finish also helps prevent cargo from sliding around during transportation. With their superior protection and longevity, spray-in bedliners have become the go-to choice for truck owners seeking to preserve the value and functionality of their vehicles.

  • Exceptional Performance - Bullet Liner has been tested under the harshest and most extreme conditions, including challenging environments like the renowned Baja 1000 race and the frigid wilderness of Alaska. This ensures that your truck or Jeep remains safeguarded.
  • Flexible Defence - Regardless of whether you're transporting horses, carrying contracting equipment, or venturing through off-road landscapes, Bullet Liner provides top-tier protection against stains, rust, and dents. It not only boosts your truck's visual appeal but also results in a more silent ride.
  • OEM Appearance - Our product's non-fading attribute guarantees a dazzling, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) look that catches the eye.
  • Increased Longevity - Featuring high-tensile strength materials, Bullet Liner contributes to the extension of your truck's life, thereby enhancing its resale value.
  • All-Inclusive Protection - Bullet Liner ensures the safety of the most vulnerable areas of your truck, from wheel wells to bumpers, offering total peace of mind.

Small Trucks

Starting at $599

Ranger, Frontier, Tacoma, etc.

Full Size Trucks

Starting at $699

F-150, Super Duty, Silverado, etc.

Specials Projects

Custom Priced

Trailers, Toolboxes, Floorboards, etc.

Pricing is based on a normal preperation process. Trucks need to be brought in clean and free of debris or accessorties which need to be removed. Trucks that require additional cleaning, degreasing, or other preperation will be charged an additional preperation charge.

About Bullet Liner

Bullet Liner is a brand of spray-in bedliner known for its exceptional durability and protective properties. Developed by Claudio Burtin, Bullet Liner is designed to shield truck beds from various hazards encountered during daily use. The key to its effectiveness lies in its advanced polyurethane formulation, which creates a tough, high-impact surface capable of withstanding scratches, dents, and even chemical spills. Bullet Liner is also UV-resistant, preventing fading and discoloration over time. Its application process involves a professional-grade spray application, ensuring a seamless fit to the contours of the truck bed, providing maximum coverage and protection. As a result of its reliability and longevity, Bullet Liner has gained popularity among truck owners looking to safeguard their vehicles and preserve their investment for the long term.

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